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Crocoblock Wizard

1 Site – Lifetime

CrocoBlock is an outstanding value and adds features in a modular way. They keep pushing the envelope on what you can do with Elementor. You should give CrocoBlock a serious look of you are an Elementor Developer.

What Is Crocoblock?

The service is a subscription that includes everything for the Elementor Page Builder plugin. Even though they have hundreds of plugins, it is amazing to observe how each of these plugins works in conjunction with the others.

You will discover over a thousand sections, a large number of pre-made pages for Elementor, and various Jet plugins that cover every need in this bundle. Some of them enable you to construct a Mega Menu and organize it with the assistance of a page builder and a large number of widgets.

The remaining ones allow you the ability to develop and design the templates for the footer, header, archive, and single-page layouts. In addition, the membership service provides plugins for the creation of blogs, tabs and accordion blocks, and gloss graphics.

If you use Crocoblock, you won’t have to go out of your way to get each plugin. Because Crocoblock provides an all-in-one solution, you do not need to be concerned about the licensing agreement either.

This subscription service will make you happy if you are a great fan of Elementor and utilize it in most of your projects. If this describes you, then you need to purchase it for your site.

What’s Inside  Wizard’s All-Inclusive Lifetime?

Because We have previously provided an overview of the core aspects of Crocoblock Wizard’s All-Inclusive lifetime, let’s have a look at the benefits that are included in the subscription package that you will get after making a purchase.

  • 18 very effective JetPlugins for Elementor
  • 1000 pre-designed blocks, readymade page templates
  • 47 unique skins on a variety of niches
  • A sleek Kava theme that is completely free to use
  • Helpful updates every week to further develop your website

You get access to the whole collection of JetPlugins, which includes a wide variety of modules


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