#1 The Best Leads Extractor Application every business should try


Find your customer smartly  You will get a strategical marketing support session along with this  This application will help you find your customer without any big efforts.  Just a button click to get the leads  NEED TO CHAT 


# 1 The Best Leads Extractor Application every business should have.

If you’re having trouble finding the right clients for your business calls, you may want to consider using an email campaign or making hard calls. This application could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Get customers from anywhere in the world by using this data extractor application. If you are looking for someone to do your printing job or sell your organic cosmetics or herbs, you name it. this application is yours. Make wonders in your sales with this mind-blowing Sales Application

🎯 A Smart B2B Marketing Application that can make wonders for your business! Guaranteed Results

Extract the information for your chosen keywords for the region. Your B2B Deal can start immediately with a professional approach. Be the smarter one to initiate the business of your choice. 

Lead Extractor Key Word Adding
Single Keyword for location added as this
Bulk Keyword Adding Board
You can ad bulk key words for regions in this way to get many data once
Bulk Keyword Adding Board Example
Example of keywords adding for one region

🚀 By simply adding your keywords in this data extraction software you can get results you target

Once you launch the keyword search, they application starts to act immediately to your call
Application managed to extract 435 leads with their available data instantly ready for hard calls

How to get more benefits to use in your profession

  • Generate an awareness campaign.
  • Drive traffic on the portfolio.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Direct Connect with customers.
  • Run Champaigns!  Sales/ Serve /Enquiry etc…
  • Enhancing Customer Engagement.
  • Send Catalog/ Ebook/ Brochures/ Ads etc.,
  • Start your email campaigns immediately from the extracted emails.
  • Extract the contact numbers, and start doing SMS campaigns.
  • By studying each lead get insights of each lead.



Once you decided to purchase the Application, book a free strategical marketing 30-minute session to get the most out of the appliction

What is a lead extractor?

A lead extractor is a software that helps companies get leads and convert them into customers. This contact extractor work by extracting and gathering data from a business directory or company’s website and social media platforms, you can then use the contact details for your marketing campaigns.

The data extraction software helps you extract emails and build leads just based on your preferred keyword. All you need is to input your keyword into this app and click start extracting.
This app supports extracting leads from a specific country. You can extract leads/emails from any country you want not only your country!

An Instant as this data extraction software will work wonders for you

Imagine your company just developed a new device for the optical industry. Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of all optician shops near you as well as those across the entire nation? Would it not be good if you could conveniently locate their contact details, this data extractor will give you email addresses, phone numbers, and Facebook pages detail. That is what a lead extractor can do, find potential new customers in any target market, so you can then use different marketing techniques to sell them your product, idea or services.

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  1. Senara Padkowka

    This app is awesome and I can’t believe you give this for life time. It is sure going to change my life. Lovely app. I’ll buy your Bulk WhatsApp Soon!

  2. Arlean Bozarth

    Hello there I found this application as a wonder! I purchased instant I saw this with the support I got from Pearstec. No Words to say how useful this is!

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