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Perfmatters Pro – Cache Plugin

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Perfmatters Pro: Speed matters.

No matter how good is your website, customers will drop off or bounce if the website takes forever to load.

Industry research shows that website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time.

In other words, a website loading faster by just 1-2 seconds will realize a much higher revenue than another site (all other factors considered).

perfmatters Pro Perfmatters Pro Feature Overview

The Perfmatters plugin is all about simplicity.

When you install the plugin, you would not have to tweak the code or the functions.php file on your WP website.

Often, our websites have elements that we do not use regularly.

Together, such elements hurt your website speed.

With Perfmatters, you can disable such unused elements/scripts, thereby reducing your overall number of HTTP requests and your page size.

But that is not all.

Perfmatters also helps with optimizing databases.

When working with WordPress, we do multiple revisions.

Over time, spam comments and auto-drafts can also pile up in your WP database.

Perfmatters Pro quick-toggle allows you to change the autosave interval, thus allowing you to keep fewer auto-drafts in WP.

Have you heard of WordPress Heartbeat?

The WordPress heartbeat is an API service that came along with WP 3.6.

This feature sends a continuous pulse or tick to complete periodic tasks.

As a result, the browser can communicate with the server through AJAX calls.

This provides real-time information on the WordPress dashboard.

The goal of WP Heartbeat is to synchronize data on the server and dashboard.

Sadly, this cool feature consumes many CPU resources and AJAX calls.

Perfmatters Pro allows you to both change the frequency of Heartbeat as well as disable it.

Database Optimization

One of the key components of a healthy and fast website is its database.

Your WordPress database, over time, can become home to hundreds of thousands of rows.

This, in turn, starts slowing down your website.

This is why WordPress website owners need to focus on database optimization from time to time.

With the Perfmatters  Pro WP plugin, you can easily clean up and delete old and unused data.

For example, you can delete revisions (posts, pages, and custom post types).

The Plugin also allows you to delete old auto-drafts that are saved when you’re editing content.

You can also delete WordPress spam comments and clean up your trash from comments and posts.

The WP plugin allows you to delete expired transients and keep your wp_options table clean.

Finally, you can optimize your database tables to restore unused space.

Another cool thing about the Perfmatters Plugin is that it lets you schedule automatic database optimization on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Perfmatters Pro Review: Pros & Cons

The biggest strength of Perfmatters is the dedicated team behind the Plugin.

The pricing is competitive, and the Plugin comes with a ton of features.

They also have great customer support.

Overall, the Plugin is easy to use and delivers what it promises.

On the flip side, this plugin does not offer a lifetime license.

Perfmatters Pro Conclusion

If you are frustrated with slow-loading WordPress websites and have tried all tips and tricks for load optimization, you’d love Perfmatters.

This WordPress plugin will surely improve your website load time, thereby improving web performance.


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