Poitnet Addons for Elementor-Pro

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Poitnet Addons for Elementor-Pro

Poitnet Addons for Elementor-Pro (PAFE), a market-leading plugin, offers many cutting-edge features for Elementor-based websites, enabling users to create complex functions and forms professionally and intuitively without writing any code.

With three widgets—Field, Submit, and Multi Action Form—PAFE Variety Builder makes it simple to alter the design and add any widget to an application. Numerous useful features of the PAFE Web form Builder include the following: Multi-Step Type, Repeater Areas, Conditional Logic, Calculated Areas, Stripe Payment, Strip Repayment Subscriptions, Submit Post Help ACF, Toolset, JetEngine, Edit Post, Woocommerce Increase Cart, Dynamic Prices, Checkout with Woocommerce, Distant Request, Image Select, Selection Slider, Google Bedding Connector, and Form Database.


  • Responsive Column Order
  • AbsolutePositioning
  • Display Inline Block
  • GradientText
  • Gradient Button
  • Section Link
  • Column Link
  • Max Width
  • Responsive Border Width
  • Responsive Background Image, Color
  • Responsive Background Position
  • Responsive BackgroundCustom Size
  • Column Width ( Pixel, %, calc )
  • Parallax Background For Every Element
  • Multiple BackgroundImages
  • Image Carousel Multiple Custom Urls

Basic features of Poitnet Addons for Elementor-Pro

1 site | Lifetime

  • 1 Site Activation
  • Lifetime Premium Support
  • Regular Update for Lifetime
  • 108+ Widgets & Extensions
  • 64+ Templates
  • Over 900 Section Blocks
  • Exclusive WebGL Plugin

1 review for Poitnet Addons for Elementor-Pro

  1. Maxinees Mondson

    It save lots of time. Love the plugin it is useful. And the guide you gave me online was faboulous! Love from Canada

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