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What You Get When You Buy a WP Rocket License

One of the most important aspects of running a successful WordPress website is maintaining fast page speeds. Leveraging a good WordPress caching plugin is important for anyone that wants their website to be fast, and WP Rocket is without a doubt one of the best options. There is no free version of the plugin, as with many others. But this is a case in which you absolutely get what you pay for. We want to break down the plugin and show you what you can expect when you set it up on your site.WP Rocket

WP Rocket is an absolute cinch to set up and get to work on your site. If you’re a gearhead who likes to dig into settings and make sure that every little thing is configured custom to your needs, you get that kind of control with WP Rocket. And if you’re the kind of WordPress user who installs a plugin, hits Activate, and never even looks at a settings page, WP Rocket will speed up your site. You will not have to worry about anything but making sure updates happen regularly.

In our opinion, the clean UI and the ease of use make WP Rocket a worthwhile investment. We’ve dealt with plenty of caching plugins that are designed more for developers than users, and WP Rocket is not. The devs made this one for everyone. And it pretty much is.

Make your website reach the stars. Use the most powerful caching plugin for WordPress. WP Rocket is easy to use, ready to improve your SEO and conversions.

WP Rocket

Quick setup of WordPress Cache Plugin

80% of web-performance best practices are automatically applied, no need to touch the code

The most powerful features for web performance
Caching, LazyLoad, Preload, Delay JS, and Remove Unused CSS, just to name a few

Excellent support
Rely on our support service and technical documentation to solve your doubts

Broad compatibility with hostings, themes and plugins:
The most popular WordPress tools trust us, and this should give you peace of mind

eCommerce compatibility
No matter what eCommerce plugin for WordPress you’re using, we’ve got your back

Multilingual compatibility
Customize the cache options for a specific language or for all languages at the same time



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